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Children’s Defense Fund-Texas Statement on Black History Month 2021

The Children’s Defense Fund was born out of the civil rights movement and has pushed for policies to address racial injustice since its inception. In the Texas office of The Children’s Defense Fund, we have committed 20 years to make sure every child, particularly children of color, has a chance at a successful, happy, and healthy future. We know that this future will not be realized without meaningful action to address the unjust economic and political systems that harm Black children and their communities. This Black History Month, we continue our commitment to fighting against racial injustice and uplifting Black leaders. For the good of our children, the march continues. 


To celebrate Black History Month, we honor the Black heroes of the past, present, and future. We acknowledge those that have gotten us here, and wholeheartedly support the ones that continue the fight for racial justice. Throughout the month of February, we will feature Black advocates and artists, heroes of yesterday and today, and elevate their work through our platforms. We also recognize that Black History Month is not the only time to raise Black voices. For that reason, we have and will continue to support young Black advocates by uplifting their work and encouraging their growth.  


Lastly, this quote by our President and CEO, Rev. Dr. Wilson, weaves our civil rights legacy with the work of our present and future, emphasizing the importance of racial justice in our work:


“According to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates, 2020 is the first year in American history where the majority of children in this country are children of color,” said Dr. Wilson. “Child well-being and racial justice are intimately and forever intertwined. This makes the civil rights legacy and child advocacy vision the Children’s Defense Fund has woven together for nearly fifty years even more vital.”¹




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