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Holiday Helps for HISD

Support Local Students this Holiday!

This winter, Children’s Defense Fund is uplifting specific needs of Houston ISD schools in our area. This list was compiled by campus Wraparound Specialists* whose role is to support students’ non-academic needs.

If you wish to donate, please bring items directly to each campus and deposit in the box labeled “Holiday Helps” in the front lobby. Note: New items are preferred to gently used.

School/Campus Address Items Requested Notes
Energized Early Childhood Center 6201 Bissonnet, 77081 Backpacks, uniforms, coats, H-E-B or Walmart gift cards, underwear Uniforms: khaki pants (sizes 6 to 10), white, green or yellow shirts (sizes 4 to 6)
Mistral CEC 6203 Jessamine, 77081 Underwear, shoes, toys Underwear: 2T to 5T
Braeburn Elementary School 5550 Pine Street, 77081 Backpacks, coats, school supplies, underwear, toys Underwear: 5T (size L in kids)
Energized Elementary School 6201 Bissonnet, 77081 Backpacks, coats, school supplies, underwear, toys Underwear: 5T (size L in kids)
Kolter Elementary School 9710 Runnymeade Drive, 77096 Lice shampoo, deodorant, laundry soap, hygiene items, snacks, socks, underwear
Longfellow Elementary School 3617 Norris Drive, 77025 Jackets, clothes, gift cards
Shearn Elementary School 9802 Stella Link Road, 77025 Food, diapers, backpacks Diapers size 5 and 6, heavy-duty backpacks for older students
Kolter Elementary School 9710 Runnymeade Drive, 77096 Lice shampoo, deodorant, laundry soap, hygiene items, snacks, socks, underwear
Energized Middle School 6201 Bissonnet, 77081 Shoes, gift cards (gas and grocery), toilet paper, snacks, uniforms, school supplies, food, utility assistance Uniforms: Tennis shoes sizes 5 to 10 boys and girls grades 6 to 8; white or dark green polos,  sizes 12 to 18; khaki pants sizes 12 to 18; coats

Supplies: 5×8 index cards, dry-erase markers, whiteboards, copy paper, tablets

Meyerland PVA Middle School 10410 Manhattan Drive, 77096 Hygiene products, underwear, shoes, hoodies/jackets, snacks, belts Plain collared shirts (black, white, purple, gray)

Masculine jeans, sizes 30 to 34, Feminine jeans, sizes 0 to 10

Pin Oak Middle School 4601 Glenmont Street, 77401 Coats, hygiene products, food baskets
Bellaire High School 5100 Maple Drive, 77401 Deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, unscented regular-size soap bars, lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, gender-neutral belts, sweatpants, unisex ankle socks, gently used men’s gym shoes, laundry detergent pods
Liberty High School and Middle College High School 5407 Gulfton Street, 77081 Hygiene products, diapers (sizes 4 to 7 and pull-ups), non-perishable foods (see list at right), laundry detergent, bath towels

*What are Wraparound Specialists?

While this position is somewhat unique to Houston ISD, the name says it all: they are responsible for identifying and meeting the non-academic needs of students. As you can see from the list above, the tangible needs can be extensive.

I had never had occasion to interact with Wraparound Specialists, so when we met to discuss this donation drive, I asked them to describe their job in their own words. I found their responses very helpful. Wraparound Specialists are:

  • “School parents” — Students come to them with a problem and it’s their job to figure it out. (As a parent myself, this made complete sense.)
  • Innovative and creative, coming up with out-of-the-box solutions
  • Social support for students who need it
  • Facilitating empowerment and advocacy, helping students speak up for themselves
  • A connector to resources
  • A mentor that builds rapport with the students
  • The equalizers on campus, ensuring every student has what they need
  • Professional gap-fillers (OK, so I made that term up, but it fits.)

And one Wraparound Specialist was intentional in saying that she does her job not just with families in mind, but also with teachers in mind. As the daughter of an educator herself, she saw this firsthand: before this position existed, teachers were tasked with meeting all these needs themselves. She recounted how her mother would come home and not only have papers to grade, but also have to figure out how to get food for a struggling family or shoes for a particular student or do the paperwork to start an after-school club. With Wraparounds in place, this burden is taken off the teachers and shared by the team who can work together to provide a solution that is sustainable. Once again, when it comes to student success, teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Point of Contact

Clarissa Webb

Community Engagement Manager, Children’s Defense Fund – Texas

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