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>>>>January Civic Education Newsletter
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January 2021


As teachers welcome students back to the classroom, they face the responsibility of teaching through the ongoing democratic crisis and giving the appropriate context to understand the armed insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th. We welcome you to use these free resources to help guide classroom conversation.

PBS Newshour

Videos from news coverage are paired with activity suggestions, such as class discussion questions and a guided comparison of law enforcement’s response to Black Lives Matter protests and their response to armed white supremacists. The guide can be found here.

Generation Citizen

A living document with key terms, lesson plans & activities, and resources from the National Education Association to share with families (Spanish & English). The document also includes suggestions for developmentally appropriate explanations.

Civics for All

A resource guide with a variety of lesson plans. Topics include Congress’ Constitutional responsibility to count electoral votes, media literacy and identifying misinformation, the threat of white supremacist violence, and the democratic history of peaceful transitions of power. The list also shares guidance on how to facilitate difficult conversations and center student voice. All links have been compiled by the Civics for All initiative through New York City’s Board of Education.

SSChat Network

A network of social studies teachers have collaboratively created a guide with videos, articles, and suggested classroom activities. Explore the sheet here or join the ongoing conversation on Twitter.

*These resources are still being updated and not every link in each guide has been vetted by CDF-Texas. Please exercise discretion in identifying relevant & culturally responsive resources. Read more about intentional and equity-focused teaching in this moment here.

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