Beat the Odds 20th Anniversary Honorees

>Beat the Odds 20th Anniversary Honorees
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2019 Beat the Odds Honorees

CDF-Texas is looking forward to honoring these exceptional young people at the upcoming Beat the Odds® Awards Luncheon on May 16. Click on each student’s name for a glimpse into their story and their remarkable perspective on life.

Seriah Arceneaux
Alisha Hodge
Aline Irafasha
Kiara McClennon
Derrick Ngo

2019 Beat the Odds Outstanding Alumni

Jesus Acosta
J. Moises Cedillos
Itang Hope Young
Crystal Johnson Stinson
Prentice Richmond

Ways to Support and Honor

There are numerous ways to help CDF-Texas both lift up and applaud the efforts of these remarkable individuals and raise awareness of the challenges facing Texas teens today. We hope you will be able to join us at these exciting events where we will view each story and congratulate this inspiring group.

Share a Learning Experience

Both the 2019 Honorees and the Outstanding Alumni will be on hand for this engaging event for young people.


Learn More

Since 1999, the Beat the Odds Scholarship Program has honored more than 120 overcomers. Read more details and view more stories at the link below.


Be Inspired

Join the friends and family of CDF-Texas to congratulate and cheer on the 2019 Honorees and the Outstanding Alumni as they receive their well-deserved awards.

Reserve Your Seat
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