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JULY 2020

Leading Through A Crisis

We continue to share stories of young leaders around the world staying civically engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic. This month, we highlight youth who are organizing protests, calling for change, and leading their communities. Recognizing the importance of protest as a form of civic engagement, we echo the call from Generation Citizen for us to “listen to, and learn from, young people protesting racism as innovative civic educators.”

S A N  A N T O N I O,  T X

The San Antonio Youth Scholars Collective, a new program created by local educators and undergraduate students, is creating a platform for young students in the Bexar County-area to voice their thoughts on the issues in education that are affecting them the most. They also provide a plethora of resources for students who need them. If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved, fill out this survey!

R I V E R S I D E,  C A

As mutual aid funds continue to gain traction and grow in the face of COVID-19, the Riverside Mutual Aid Network has gotten attention for their work being done in a city usually lost in the noise of its larger neighbor, Los Angeles. Their current fundraising goal has not yet been met, so check them out and donate here!

A C R O S S  T H E  N A T I O N

Following ICE’s decision to bar international students from entering the US if their university transitions fully online, thousands of students have taken to collaborating on a shared-spreadsheet, where international students at a number of schools can easily find in-person classes that will allow them to remain in the US legally. If you or someone you know might need this information, find it here!

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