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>>>>November Civic Education Newsletter
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November 2020


We continue highlighting young people across the world who are doing well beyond their part to cultivate hope and solidarity.

California – In cities including Berkeley, Oakland, and Culver City, young people are pushing their local and state governments to lower the voting age. Valentine Barrett of Oakland is one of many youth activists who argue that 16- and 17-year-olds should be able to vote in primaries and local elections, commenting that, “Providing a taste of civic engagement to teens before they have access to larger elections…would give them a hands-on lesson on the voting process.”

United States – Youth across the country heard the call for younger poll workers this election cycle, and stepped up to the plate. Vogue has profiled eight young women who are first-time poll workers to hear what motivated them to sign up – from college courses to organizing work to wanting to protect older poll workers from COVID-19.

Guilin, China – The conversation surrounding youth climate activism often highlights white, Western activists at the expense of organizers of color around the world. In Guilin, China, Howey Ou is leading school strikes for climate. Inspired by Greta Thunnberg, the 17-year-old has been organizing for two years to demand that the Chinese government prioritize the climate.

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