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Program Description

The Youth Voices Storytelling Fellowship is an opportunity for young Texans to use their experiences, creativity, and knowledge to produce a short film that highlights an issue important to them and/or their communities, from housing to food insecurity, health to policing, climate change to mental health, and more.

Watch our fellows’ short films below!

Power in Voting

Follow my journey into becoming an activist for voter rights and learn how you can become an activist within your school.

David Dzul

Pronouns: He/Him 

Age: 18 

About David: A defender of others, David advocates for his community and peers. As part of his advocacy, David often shares his civic education experiences, particularly from the perspective of a first-generation student and civic catalyst. In his free time, David loves to drink boba and jam out to the best music available.

Conversations About Home

Filmmaker Delina Yosief gives insight into the stigmatized issue of mental health in an immigrant household. Through storytelling, the film shows 2 generations of women in an Eritrean family who talk about their mental health struggles, immigration stories, loss, and grief through it all.

Delina Yosief

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Age: 23

About Delina: Delina Yosief is a young, emerging professional pursuing her master’s degree in public health. She has a background in advocacy, communications, public health, and organizing in the Austin and Houston area. She is involved in a number of organizations that work on strengthening systems and institutions, as well as getting access to resources for vulnerable populations. Delina spends her free time researching, reading, and having a good cup of coffee.

This fellowship would not have been possible without the mentorship of filmmaker Glenys Quick and support from the Center for Civic Leadership at RICE University.

About Glenys

Glenys Quick is a New Zealand-born photographer, filmmaker, and educator living in Dallas, TX. Working with young people in photography, creative writing, journalism, and filmmaking, Glenys recognizes the empowering nature of storytelling and its potential for positive social change. She knows, however, that real change will only happen if all youth, regardless of race, income, and immigration status, learn the tools and language of storytelling to share their experiences.

Want to tell your story?

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CDF Youth Voices

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